2020 CASE

Read the case about Harvard Business School (HBS) and its record on diversity for women and ethnic minorities. HBS is responsible for 80% of all cases taught globally at business schools (~15M cases sold in 2019, ~$300M in revenue).

Major Updates & Milestones:

  • Aug 25: HBS Case goes live along with its accompanying petition!
  • Aug 26: Featured in Poets & Quants / Yahoo.
  • Aug 31: Discussion guide questions published.
  • Sep 4: Featured in The Crimson & HBS acknowledges case.
  • Aug 26 – Sep 19: All HBS 2016 sections received copy of the case with several hosting section discussions.
  • Sep 23: HBS releases Action Plan.
  • Sep 23: Quoted in The Wall Street Journal.
  • Oct 6: Featured Editorial in The Harbus in response to HBS’ Action Plan.
  • Oct 9: HBS selects a new Dean.
  • Oct 25: Blueprint / roadmap to activate social change.
  • Oct 27: McKinsey & Co (Stamford office) corporate session.
  • Nov 20: Bain & Co (Atlanta office) corporate session.
  • Dec 16: Bain & Co (Boston office) corporate session.

What’s Next:

  1. Share the case: You can use these templates to share the case within your professional and alumni networks.
  2. Book me for training session at your workplace: Share the case with your DEI/HR business partner. Reach out via LinkedIn or Contact Me page if your organization is interested in a facilitated discussion with your executive leadership or HR team.
  3. Support my work: The case is 100% free on principle — critical knowledge should be free. However, if you’re in a position to support the efforts of the work I’ve put together you can buy me a cup of coffee.

The Case:


Case Highlights (Infographics)