Alterrell is a NYC-based social entrepreneur. He is passionate about innovation, social impact and creating value for society at large. He enjoys analytical problem-solving as well as creative endeavors. He views storytelling, case writing and infographic development as a means to engage others. In other words, his psychology and MBA degrees intertwined.

Alterrell is a graduate of Harvard College (2010) and Harvard Business School (2016). He has held leadership roles in extracurricular clubs including as Co-President of HBS’ African American Student Union (AASU), Co-Chair of Harvard College’s 2010 Senior Gift Committee, and Co-President of his undergraduate minority business club.

Alterrell’s work experiences span multiple industries and well known mission-driven companies. He has held leadership (and membership) roles within Black affinity groups at American Express and Tesla.


College: After one year of pre-med classes, I decided to study psychology and focus on the wonderful world of “gray” — where there is no right or wrong, but only a “why.” Some of the most profound and meaningful conversation I had were over meals in Mather’s dining hall or with roommates in the twilight hours. One of my coolest experiences was working in a psychology research lab, designing and taking part in experiments focused on race, gender, power and stigma.

Business School: The MBA program’s first year curriculum covers finance, operations, international economy, strategy and entrepreneurship. I spent my second year in courses focused on leadership, service operations, inequality, innovative business models and organizational design.

Work: I started my professional career at American Express in strategy and premium partnerships before I left to attend HBS. After my MBA, I joined the Harlem Children’s Zone, a poverty-eradication nonprofit, as a C-suite advisor. At HCZ, I was able to dive deeper into community engagement work and turning an idea into a business model. Post-HCZ, I’ve gone on to hold several roles at Tesla. Since then, I’ve been moving to smaller, earlier stage startups where I’ve taken on greater leadership responsibility and building companies from the ground up.

Passion: I am motivated to empower others whether that is through storytelling, mentoring others, or building community.


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